Your Top 10 Blogs about France

The list of the top 10 blogs on life in France as recommended by you is complete. Thank you to everyone who sent in their recommendations.

It took us longer than expected to wade through the number of blogs submitted - but we have now counted the 'votes' to provide you with a definitive top 10 list.

Whether you already have a favourite blog about life in France that you read or have yet to discover one, we hope that the 10 blogs in the list below will give you the opportunity to discover something new about your chosen destination.

French Word a Day Blog1. French Word of the Day You voted for this blog more than any other, the concept is simple, Kristin Espinasse provides an insight of her colourful life in the South of France, with her husband Jean-Marc, whilst teaching you the finer points of the French language. You can even add the blog's iGoogle widget to your browser.
The French Corner French Blog2. The French Corner Samantha Decker started The French Corner in 2003 to help anyone interested in learning French. It has now been expanded to provide information about France. Well worth using the blog to help you brush up your French language skills before you go.
Provence Post3. Provence Post Julie Mautner, author of the Provence Post, is an accomplished food and travel writer based in Provence. Julie provides many interesting stories and snippets of life in Provence in this excellent blog.
Dispatches from France4. Dispatches from France The blog tells the story of an American woman falling in love with a Frenchman and follows their life in France. An interesting blog with plenty information for anyone who is thinking about a new life in France.
My Melange French blog5. My Melange An excellent blog from Robin Locker Lacey, who in her own words, describes herself as a European travel consultant with a passion for Italy and France. The blog includes posts such as 5 reasons to visit Provence and 5 quiet spots in Paris
Jennie in France blog6. Jennie en France An insightful blog, full of interesting posts with regards to the French language and culture. I dare you to read it and not discover something new and use it on your holiday!
New Bordeaux7. New Bordeaux is an interesting blog featuring an insiders view of the Bordeaux wine scene. The blog's author, Jane Anson, is a wine and travel writer based in Bordeaux, France. If you are interested in learning more about French wine from the experts, then this is the blog for you.
Petite Anglaise French blog8. Petite Anglaise The blog follows the life of an English woman in France. Petite Anglaise (a.k.a Catherine Sanderson) made the news worldwide in 2007. Catherine has stopped updating the blog, but as many of you have recommended it is still a good read.
Polly Vous Francais blog9. Polly-vous Francais? Another very popular blog amongst I Spy Camping visitors. The blog is about a lifelong francophile describing her ongoing discovery of Paris and the French.
Secrets of Paris blog10. Secrets of Paris As the title may suggest, discover places off the beaten tourist track and enjoy sights, sounds, smells and tastes that only the locals know about. The blog is a must-read for anyone planning to visit Paris in the holidays.