Static Caravan and Mobile Homes in France, UK, Italy and Spain

Luxury Accommodation on Campsites

This guide is intended to introduce new families to Mobile Home / Static Caravan accommodation on campsites in the UK and across mainland Europe. The first area to resolve is the terminology used by operators; a mobile home for the purpose of being used as holiday accommodation is the same as a static caravan. Camping operators who specialise in European camping holidays tend to refer to them as 'mobile homes'; UK campsite/holiday park operators tend to call them 'static caravans'. There is no difference.

Mobile Home example
Typical modern mobile home exterior

A Brief History
The mobile home concept started in the US in the 1950s, as homes, not as large as can be seen on today’s campsites, were advertised as homes that would could be transported and left in-situ for long periods of time or permanently placed with the appropriate foundations. During the decades that followed, newly-built homes rolling out of manufacturer’s factories were much larger and wider.

Much of the UK’s production is based in East Yorkshire & Humberside. Click here for a list of mobile home / static caravan manufacturers.

Static Caravan Bedroom

Static Caravan Bedroom

Holiday Homes
It is not known who was the first to add a mobile home to their campsite, but today in France, 28% of all pitches available on campsites are occupied by a mobile home, this equates to 270,000 holiday homes. On 4 and 5 star campsites, 40% of pitches are occupied by a mobile home. (source:

The popularity of using these homes as holiday accommodation has increased substantially in the past 30 years and is marketed by today’s operators as ‘contemporary camping’ or ‘luxury camping’. The homes ideally suit family holidays, because they offer families home-from-home luxuries and the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor environment with enough space for children to run around, make new friends and enjoy the child-friendly facilities available.

The homes are classed as self-catering accommodation, as each offers fully-equipped kitchens suitable for cooking three-course meals - please note some homes styles include a microwave oven and instead of a conventional oven. Each has the usual amenities of hot and cold running water, gas and/or electricity.

Video produced by Siblu Holidays to promote their range of mobile homes / caravans
Typical Mobile Home InteriorMobile homes can sleep from 4 to 8 people in 2 or 3 bedrooms. The living area is spacious and contains corner to corner sofa seating, on some homes, a section of the seating area will convert into a single or double bed. Some include a TV/DVD unit with Satellite. Table and chairs are provided for eating meals.

While some homes are insulated and offer central-heating for year-round use, some cheaper models without double glazing or central-heating offer heating in the main living are instead and are therefore available for mainly summer use. All offer at least1 bathroom with a shower, with larger homes offering two separate toilets.

Some operators offer air-conditioning as standard, others charge extra. The same applies for open or covered wooden terraces. BBQs are regarded as quintessentially part of the life on a campsite and are offered by most operators, but please note that some campsites are prohibited to offer BBQs due to fire risk in the local area. If BBQs are important to you, please check with the operator/campsite before booking.

Most campsites allow at least 1 car to be parked next to the mobile home, but again please check with the operator/site as rules do differ.

A full range of mobile home holidays in France can be found on I Spy Camping.

Just like our everyday residential houses, mobile homes are available in many different designs. The exterior look varies, along with the colour, although modern models tend to be white. The interior design also varies, but the common factor is that the majority have an open plan layout.

It is important you read through the information given by each operator on the accommodation type offered and what facilities are included or are charged for separately. Additionally some operators show you a photo and interior layout plan of the actual home you are booking, some can only show you a typical design and layout.