Bitesize Guide to Italy Holidays from I Spy Camping

Families have been going camping in Italy for many years and many would say that some of the very best campsites in Europe are here. Amongst those regarded as the best are Marina di Venezia, Pra' delle Torri and Norcenni Girasole.

As a place to visit, Italy holds many treasures for the keen visitor. From delightful medieval villages, excellent food & drink, ancient monuments, world class art to picture postcard landscapes to rival any.

A large number of people head to northern Italy's campsites, namely the regions of Venice, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, with the north-east of Italy, particularly popular. The north east has been prosperous and thriving since ancient times, and includes some of the country's loveliest cities - Bologna, Venice, Parma, Padova and Vicenza. Europe's finest Byzantine mosaics are found at Ravenna, while the soaring and dramatic peaks of the Dolomites are perfect for summer walking and winter sports.

Our guide takes us through the attractions and points of interest in the most popular camping areas of Italy with the hope that it will inspire you to plan your next trip or discover something new if you have never been.

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Featured Article: The Crabs of Venice

The Granseole, small lagoon crabs that are found in the shallow waters off the island of Murano, are a delicacy in these parts. Twice a year, however, in spring and autumn, something happens to make them even more sought-after, the young male crabs shed their shells in order to grow larger ones. During this change, the fishermen net the crabs and keep them in special tanks for a brief period, sometimes less than a day when they are soft enough to eat, skin and all! Then the crabs are not called Granseole, but Moleche. The crabs are then rushed to Venice's Rialto fish market to be sold.

There are only a few ways of cooking this delicacy, sometimes they are served in crisp batter, like Calamares, the hard crust making up for the absent shell, and sometimes stuffed. However, it is not the chef who does the stuffing, but the crab itself. The live moleche are placed in a bowl containing beaten eggs, salt and grated parmesan, they feast on this mix for a few hours, then when they are sluggish from over-eating they are coated with flour, dropped in hot oil and quickly fried, freshness being of the essence.

They do not look like one of the great dishes of the world, but appearances are deceptive. The texture is as soft as ripe fruit, the taste quite extraordinary and cross between crab, oyster and lobster, like fragrant mouthful of the warm sea.

The Moleche can be eaten in most good restaurants in Venice when they are available or head to the city’s wine bars around St Mark’s Square. If you are wondering what to drink with moleche, consider the house white wine to complement the salty flavour of the crabs.

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