Dog Friendly Holidays

Take your pets with you to France, Spain and Italy with I Spy Camping

If you are looking for dog friendly holidays then I Spy Camping can help.

We list a number of camping holidays in France, Spain and Italy where your dog or pet will be allowed, please feel free to browse the list below.

The rules for travelling with your pets changed on 1 January 2012, as the UK came into line with the rest of Europe. It means that pets can now travel just 21 days after having their rabies vaccination, rather than wait for six months or spend the same period in quarantine. This we hope should make it much easier for dog lovers to take their pets across to Europe. For more information about the changes please visit the Defra Website

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Picardy - Northern FranceNormandy

I Spy Camping compares holidays on more than 650 campsites across France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Italy, many of which are pet friendly.

We have worked hard to make it easy for you to find which campsites offer dog friendly holidays, please feel free to browse through our site and use the 'dog friendly' filter available on each search form to ensure the list of holidays you see accept dogs, pets, etc. NB. Please note that even if the campsite generally accepts pets, if you book via an operator, please check their own policy on taking pets before booking.

Many campsites offer a good range accommodation options too, not just one pet-friendly range of mobile homes that you must stick to. Dog friendly holidays are all about finding the right location, ensuring there is space for walks, and enough activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. We can hope we can help you choose your next break as a big family.